5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Ontario’s Real Estate

by Barbara Myrick

Gaining profit in the real estate market isn’t an easy task. Many people try to make money from it but lack the required strategy and skill set.
Not everyone can afford to buy and sell properties in short spans of time. However, buying a property and renting it out for long-term profits is a healthy alternative.

Income properties like these are making many people rich these. These are the 5 reasons you should also invest in income generating properties.

Low-Interest Rates:
According to national real estate statistics, the interest rates in Ontario are touching their all-time lowest values these days. The central bank also doesn’t have any plans of increasing it in the near future.

Lower interest rates help in attracting more investors because of lower financial cost. Most of the housing expenses can be paid by the rent generated from the property itself.

There are many costs apart from the one-time payment that you would make, including utility fees, legal fees, property taxes and maintenance charges.
However, if you rent out the property, all these expenses will be paid by someone else.

Using Equity for Future Redevelopment:
In these types of income generating properties, the monthly mortgage payments will keep decreasing as time goes by. While the value of your long-term asset will keep increasing.

This offers enough room to develop your own property using the profit it generates for you.

Tax Implications:
Before you purchase a residential or commercial property and rent it out, there are some taxing laws you need to abide by.
You must learn a fair amount about different taxes related to the process like income tax and the capital gains tax. You should also know about each item and service related to your property that the tax implies on.

Adding one or more rental units to your property in the future can provide you with substantial equity.

Which means that if you have a property that returns a monthly sum, you’ll also have extra equity on top of that if you sell it in the short term.

Long-Term Returns:
One major positive of long-term investments is that the profits can be seen over your investment horizon.
You’ll get a consistent source of income whose value keeps increasing with time. All these benefits while paying the mortgage from the funds it generates.